behind the scenes
three short films by Dilek Erinc Ozcan


Being given the opportunity of doing behind the scenes of the procession shoot was an incredible experience for me as a soon-to-be film maker. I had the chance to meet the amazing crew who are very welcoming in every level. However, this was my first project outside school projects and as the film deals with a very serious issue of modern times, I was quite anxious.

I've never been to Samuel House prior to this project and I must say didn't fully know about the gentrification process going on in Hackney. When I stepped into the inner court yard, I was astonished by the ''wall of peace'' full of colourful graffitis of hope, peace, solidarity. This image struck me as it shows the sense of belonging to the space of the community, giving it a unique visuality. For me, trash bins, abandoned furniture and the wall are visual prints of the current situation of Samuel House.

The music track was very crucial to complete the image. The Hackney Gentrification song written by Robin Grey about the gentrification process taken place for the sake of London Olympics, matched perfectly with the idea that I was trying to pass on. The cheerful melody and the repetition of the verse ''Knock it Down'' illustrates perfectly the irony of gentrification disregarding the social tissue and collective memories attached to the place completely.

In conclusion, I can say that this brief footage represents my personal view of the shooting but i tried to blend it with the impressions that i had in regards of the Estate. I hope I accomplished to treat the subject right. I would like to thank Andrea for giving me this opportunity. This experience enhanced my desire to portray, take stance against the contemporary social issues.

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden was a very heart-warming experience. After having witnessed the hard work by the crew transforming the empty room into a ‘’paradise’’, I was overtly astonished by the children’s interpretation of the scene. Their confidence and wit took every one of us by surprise and created a unique atmosphere.

It was really touchy to hear them talk about the demolition process. Although they were well aware of what is going to happen to Samuel House, they coloured the room with joy. We were all smiling throughout the scene and I hope this positivity is reflected upon the film as well. Their imprints on the walls will remain as a concrete proof of the world they see, full of love and hope.

With thanks to Hackney City Farm and Robin Grey.

Estate Song Extract

It could easily say it is the most difficult shooting comparing to the other two because I had two different emotions at hand. Olivia’s unique and melancholic voice made us mourn yet, the barbeque made us remember we are a strong community. I remember having trouble holding my camera stable while listening to Olivia singing. The emotional charge of the songs carried me away. Thus,
I wanted to start with a sad song first which would portray the feelings of many towards the ‘’burning of the Estate’’ and then carry on with a milder song which would go together with uplifting moments that we come across. All of the people were so ‘’present’’ and involved during the shooting. They embraced this project so wholeheartedly that whilst burning down our old emotions and relationships with the estate, we were sailing away to another chapter in our lives that was worthy of celebration.