Knowing the previous work of its creators, I believe this project will achieve something very significant for the times we are living in. It will remind us ­- and how appropriate this is for the medium of film ­- that, both politically and humanly, the past is not behind us, not obsolescent, but beside us and urgent. John Berger

Estate, a Reverie and Taskafa, Stories of the Street are both available on SECOND RUN DVD

In the UK the film is distributed by artists’ moving image agency LUX. For details see here here.

UK Community Screenings
Please contact us directly.

In the US the film is distributed by Ryan Krivoshey of GRASSHOPPER films.

Estate, a Reverie is part of the Arts Council Collection.


Some of our projects, and supporters of the project...

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i am here

gareth evans

david james roberts

gillian mciver

olivia chaney

brett amory

therese henningsen

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hackney city farm

robin grey


Estate is supported by PRS for Music Foundation, the UK's leading funder of new music across all genres.